LCD Screen Dim Light Problem Repair

LCD Screen DIM Light Problem Repair In Brampton - Technosys Computer

LCD Screen DIM Light Problem Repair

Technosys Computers is offering all laptop repair services including LCD Screen DIM Light Problem Repair service in Brampton. Apart from broken screen issues, you may face trouble in screen light of your laptop. All the visuals and graphics work perfectly but even in a bright display screen, it looks dark because there is not lightening from behind. This issue is because of the back-light of your laptop, this light ups your screen. It can be because of several reasons like faulty back-light in laptop or the circuit supporting back-light not working well.

The circuit has a cold-cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL) that requires an inverter to generate high voltages they need. If the inverter stopped working, the back-light will become dim. So don’t panic over Dim Light issue on your laptop and don’t need to replace your laptop or notebook. Bring to us we will replace inverter that is far better than replacing your entire screen.

Why LCD screen light become dim?

  • Power Saving Mode: Laptop runs on battery and power saving mode is on. You can solve this problem from your settings
  • Low Brightness: Laptop has brightness key on the keyboard & you mistakenly touch those keys.
  • Hardware issues: Sometime backlight of your laptop is not working properly. You need to replace the backlight & sometimes you need to replace the LCD/LED Screen too.
  • Cable Issues: Sometimes LCD display cable stop working

At the cheapest and affordable price, you can get your inverter replacement from  us. Even you don’t need to get panic to find the problem because we will find the problem and try our best to give quality service to you. You can easily find us in Brampton and make us a call if you want to know about the exact location.

If you are in Brampton and encounter any laptop problem, Just make a single call at (647) 408-6747 or Visit Shops (Store Locations) to get quality laptop repair services at affordable prices.

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Why Choose Technosys Computers?

  • Affordable prices & On-spot work
  • 100% Guaranteed Genuine Parts
  • Professional’s team with 5 years of experience
  • Quality matters the most, so we don’t settle for less for you
  • Latest technology is ready to give your gadget a quality repair
  • Striving to provide you the best service experience for what you pay
  • Give an accurate and honest diagnosis your computer problem in no time

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