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Computer Repair Service In Brampton - Technosys Computer
Computer Repair Service In Brampton - Technosys Computer

Our qualified and certified technicians can handle and repair all kinds of computers providing you with an all-in-one solution. We provide on spot Computer repair services as well. We have a wide variety of Home and Business-oriented offerings to ensure that your IT and tech needs are met. Founded in 2015, with more than 10,000 + satisfied clients across Canada, Technosys Computers is the best computer repair in Brampton.

If you are looking for technical assistance, problem detection and solution, privacy safety or data recovery solutions, our experts have experience and knowledge to keep your laptop or Computer running for longer, saving your time and money. We guarantee the highest quality of custom repair and impeccable customer service.

We can speed up your Windows PC, Apple Mac, and Laptop by running a full diagnostic system. We uninstall all files that you don’t need, fix broken registries and search for viruses, Trojans, malware, and spyware. Then we finalize the system by installing the operating system’s new updates. Making your machine working like new again. We do on-site home and mobile desktop and laptop repairs. Your computer may run considerably slower, you may have a problem with your WiFi card or the internet, you might even want to update your computer and need our advice. We do it ALL! All Brands Accepted!!

Laptop & Computer Repair Services

Other Services

1. Computer Troubleshooting

We give priority to the issue of slow computer performance. The speed and performance of your PC can be optimized by our expert PC Engineers to raise your work and growth. We can also support the different peripheral devices of a Laptop to make it faster and safer

2. Virus Removal

Our virus removal team track down secret malware and spyware that function quietly in your PC’s context. Viruses pass the stored information to hackers and unsafe hands in a laptop or desktop.
You might not even realize when your PC gets infected by the virus until it causes serious damage to the system. If your laptop or desktop PC is running slowly or takes forever to boot, freezes, malfunction, goes blue screen, don’t risk your privacy, get it fixed as soon as possible. We all know how risky it can be to get a laptop or a PC infected. We send out our technician to your place for virus protection or virus removal.

3. Internet Setup

We also check out internet issues like setting up internet connections, routers and WiFi. We treat infected WiFi card and resolve slow internet wherever possible.

5. Hardware Installation/Upgrade

We replace any damaged hardware, motherboards, routers, WiFi cards, sound cards, hard drives and other hard components of the PC

6. Software Installation/Upgrade

We cater to all kinds of software updates and upgrades for your system, from upgrading your current internal hard drive to cloning your drive, boosting up your PCs speed and performance.

7. Data Backup Solutions

Backup Services are not a reseller and, as such, we are able to offer a cost-effective, managed backup solution without the price tag of many of the leading vendors. We will customize any disaster recovery and backup strategies that suit the needs of your company in accordance with how you work.

8. Computer Security

We make sure your Computer is safe and sound from any sort of virus attack. Malware’s as common as found on the internet are at most times detected on the Systems within the software. Viruses can attack your system through Email, Browser surfing and through software. Viruses that penetrate your computer are called worms, tiny pieces of malware that exploit computer networks and security holes to duplicate itself. Trojan horses, another form of malware penetrates your computer in the form of Game when you run it. It has now become difficult to stay away from viruses such as Email viruses which completely shut down your system and destroy it completely.
We provide you with the recovery services from viruses and malware, setting up advanced computer security mechanisms in your system.

9. Maintenance

We deliver the basic Computer Maintenance services, we give the fastest repairing services in Canada for we have a large number of technicians to fix and maintain your computer systems. We provide solutions for PC crashing and freezing, Screen repair, Keyboard repair, Battery replace, Fan running, Power jack repair, Overheating, fix, Graphics issue, water damage, etc.
You can ask for our services for even the slightest issue for we give the best solution at the best price.

Call:  (647)408-6747 | Email: info@technosys.ca

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