Today there are hundreds of thousands of different viruses and malicious robot-507811_1280programs being written by unscrupulous software programmers to try and gain access to your computer and steal your personal information.

Affected PCs typically demonstrate the same behavior: pop-up advertisements, system slowdown, relentless warnings about system performance and disrupted internet service.

Luckily there is an equally diligent group of programmers working around the clock analyzing, dissecting and documenting all of these malicious programs as they come out to help stop their spread.


Our technicians have years of experience dealing with the nastiest of viruses and spyware we will never shy away from any virus and will leave your computer 100% clear of infection.

If you suspect your computer has been compromised, give us a call immediately, We will not only clean up your computer but we also strengthen it to help prevent future infection.

We ensure that every one of our clients is 100% satisfied before asking them to sign off on the work. Only in the absolute rarest of circumstances is a re-installation of your machine necessary, and even in that event, your data is always 100% safe and will be restored even in the event of a re-installation.